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Well you made it.  You made it through 2011 that is.

Do you feel more qualified?  I mean now that you are “Good Hands Certified”?  I am of course being very facetious…  From what I have been told you and your staff had to sit through mind numbing videos that are supposed to train and equip you to become a better agency.  How did that work for you?

Ok, here is the deal, say you have a mouse in your house.  The first step is to go to the store and get yourself a mouse trap.  Well low and behold, you will probably find a trap consisting of a small piece of wood with a place for bait and a spring loaded piece of metal.  The interesting thing is this type of trap has been being used since 1894!

You always hear the saying “When someone invents a better mousetrap.”  Well here’s the deal, when something is cost effective and performs the task there is not always a need for an overhaul.  That is not to say you should not make minor adjustments… for instance mousetraps do not come with the exact trigger mechanism or spring that they did in the 1800’s but the big picture is mostly unchanged.

The reason for this is simple, if you “over sharpen” a knife you will eventually “take the edge off”.  So please do not buy in to the idea that every month/quarter/year you have to rebuild your company just because there is a new person is upper management with a new slogan, catchphrase or acronym.  Always remember: The company’s approach to growth and the methods they think you should employ are generally going to be geared around brand awareness, etc.  That is great for the company’s footprint, but for your agency the brand is the cheese (the bait) not the spring loaded closer.  If you have made it through the last few years odds are you are pretty good at what you do.  So don’t always feel like a complete rebuilt is necessary when you might just need to adjust or improve what works.

If you are like most of the agents I work with the opportunity to be frustrated is still staring you right in the face, but if you are going to stay in this business you have make sure you are keeping the right mindset.  The Allstate brand all but eliminates the need for you to ever have to explain the size or strength of the company you represent.  That is a good thing.  Now the trick of course is finding more people to work your sales magic on.

The reality is, more prospects to quote would solve the bulk if not all of your frustrations.  Therefore, for the new year set your priorities on the most important thing when it comes to new business: prospects.